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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Real Mom Chronicles: SAHM to One and Children’s Author

I am excited to share the next mom in our “Real Mom” Chronicles. Today, I am featuring Alison, who is the Stay at home mom to Travis, and a children’s published author. I loved reading about how Alison balances trying to promote her book and her writing career, while at the same time being an […]

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Outsmarted During Project Discipline: Mommy Brain

As mentioned before we have been working on “Project Discipline” around the house because I was creating a bit of a 3 1/2-year-old terror. After trying many different  methods, I learned what worked best for us was to take away one of his favorite toys. He then understood consequences, and would do whatever he could […]

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Going from One Child to Two

A friend of mine is having her second little boy next week…not only are her and her husband so excited, but so is her almost 4-year-old little boy.  She is an active MMB reader and loves reading the comments from other moms with advice as well. Her request was for a post on any tips for “bringing […]

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