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A Christmas Miracle: Jaden’s Wish Will Come True

I am so incredibly excited and overwhelmed to share the best news with you…the news that started with this picture: All one boy wants for Christmas

a Christmas wish from this sweet boy:

Jaden Santa

And this letter from a mom:

It is a story that has been picked up on news channels, posted all over Facebook, on BlogHer and more….and captured so many people’s hearts.

I received a tweet from Baby Einstein with the following text: “Great news we located the Orbiter in our #BabyEinstein archive warehouse and it’s shipping today to Jaden’s Mom. Merry XMas”

I called Jaden’s mom, whom I have never spoken to before, and was so excited to absolutely rejoice with her on the phone…(she had already heard the news at this point, but I don’t think the excitement and relief will wear off for a while!).

A big thank you to my MMB readers as well…you heard our “Game On” and spread the news like crazy!  The power of social media is an amazing thing. I personally would like to wish Jaden’s and his family an AMAZING Christmas, and I cannot wait to hear his reaction on Christmas morning.

Here are some words from Jaden’s very grateful mother:

We are happy to inform you that Jaden’s Christmas wish has come true.  This day will forever hold a special place in the heart of our family.

Since I was pregnant we have kept a journal of our journey with him.  It has included so many types of events and emotions recorded for him to know how strong he is when he feels challenged and questions his ability to persevere.

We have seen the worst in people and more often than not we have seen the best in people.  There have been times where Jaden’s medical condition has tried to challenge us into wondering, “why is this happening to our son?”  We have wondered why people do things and say things that are mean and affect his brother as well.

Thankfully, we have decided to walk down a path and maintain a certain mentality.  It is not one for everyone but it is the right fit for our family.

We choose to believe, WHY NOT US!

We believe that just as Jaden’s name means, Gift from God, that is what he is.  We believe that every moment with him is a gift.  That every obstacle he has faced is for a purpose, sometimes for him, sometimes for us and sometimes for others.

Sometime when we have faced obstacles so great that we could not image taking on more, it is through Jaden’s resilience, that he shows us that we can take on more and we will be okay.

Sometime when we think things are too tough for him or that he can’t take something on, we quickly remind ourselves of things that he has done or gone through in his short life and he has come out stronger on the other end..

Even as autism tries to silence Jaden, it has also been a gift because he has never felt the hurt of mean words that have been uttered by strangers, even in his presence.  We and his brother have used this time to develop the thickest skin ever!  Sometimes it stings but all stings wear off!

My husband and I prayed for the day that Jaden would make a wish just like his typically developing peers.

We believe there is something magical in having a hope, dreams or a wish and seeing at least one come true.  It does not have to be grand.

This past November, after Jaden underwent another grueling procedure, we took him to Disney.  Due to Jaden’s height challenges, Disney has always been our “go to” place because of the accommodations they make for the physically challenged.

While we were entering Epcot, there was a fountain and a friend of the family gave Jaden a penny to make a wish and I told Jaden you have to make a wish.    I asked him what he wished for and he said “Goofy.”   When I looked to my left, there was Goofy, coming out for character greeting.  Jaden took of running with so much excitement and was able to meet with him. 

His face glowed and I knew this was a new chapter for him.  I knew that once he felt a wish come true more would come.

Jaden is always the first to rise in our home.  Two weeks after this moment, Jaden’s Christmas wish was born.  Seven years later and we finally get his first Christmas wish, albeit a pretty tricky one.  Of course his wish would be of a toy from a video he watched years earlier featured in a 4 second clip…the power of the Autistic mind!

His wish confirms for us that there is always hope.

We have never stopped working with him; through therapy and exposing him to so many things, hoping that one day he would open up and it is happening.

Through the power of social networking, we posted on our Facebook pages, other’s pages and websites and asked for the help of friends and strangers.

Our family has been blessed with guardian angels.  Some that we know others we do not. Every person who has been willing to share our story and ask around to their network of friends and family was a heroic gesture for Jaden as far as we are concerned.

Jaden is a simple, lovable boy.  Everyone who knows him loves him so much.

Baby Einstein received so many calls, posts and emails from people looking for the Mini-Orbiter on Jaden’s behalf.

Mary from Baby Einstein, LLC was touched and really began pursuing the search within the company’s video production inventory.  Our dear friend, Eddie Gutierrez, remained in constant contact with Mary and was able to make the call to me.

“Leticia, are you sitting or standing?  They found it!”

Mary’s sweet and crackling voice said that one of their long-standing Disney employees, Charlene, had been searching and found the one featured in the video.  Jaden’s story and children with Autism hold a very special place in their heart of Baby Einstein.  She took my shipping information and now a wish has been fulfilled.

 We will be able to add this to his ongoing journal of amazing ways that God has placed people in his life, family, friend and strangers alike, to help make his life amazing….

 Thank you for what you have done.  You have helped deliver the gift of a toy and HOPE.


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Rita Arens - December 12, 2012 - 3:19 pm

This is such an amazing story. I’m overwhelmed with relief. Even though I’ve never met Jaden or his family, his story is one of hope and strength that I think everyone can recognize as worthy.

Trina - December 12, 2012 - 4:35 pm

That is beautiful. Sounds like this family has had their share of struggles, but these moments are to be treasured forever.

Jess T - December 12, 2012 - 5:07 pm

How wonderful! A true Christmas miracle! Jaden was born into such a great family. It sounds like they are perfectly meant for each other and even better, they realize and respect it. They are so lucky to have one another. Truly special!

Olusola - December 13, 2012 - 1:09 pm

This brought tears to my eyes. After reading your original post, I spent hours trawling the internet for this toy and obviously came up short. I’m so glad Jaden will have his Christmas wish and never lose faith. Thank you to everyone who made this happen including you

Zulmarie - December 14, 2012 - 7:12 am

This story brought tears to my eyes, just to know that so many people tried and help. I wish you guys && specially Jaden the best Xmas ever!!!!

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