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All Locked Up: Mommy Brain

It is a car theme this week on MMB (in case you missed Monday’s post – we were talking MINI-VANS!)

We were leaving day care at the same time as one of my daughter’s favorite little friends – the one my son always calls her “boyfriend” (cute now…not cute in 13 years!).  C and her “boyfriend” were walking out holding hands, and his mom and I were walking out to our cars together, and eventually separated the two cuties and got them into their car seats.

Now, even though the kids would see each other in about 14 hours, the separation was too much for their little hearts to take, and the tears started. Being the mom of 2, I was able to look past the crying and went to my happy place and just heard the clink of wine glasses. My friend on the other hand was trying everything to make her little guy happy, and handed over the favorite toy of little children everywhere….


He immediately stopped crying, and was happily playing away. We said our goodbyes, I hopped into my car, and noticed, my friend was not getting in her car. She turned to look at me with a panicked look on her face. And I immediately knew…her door was locked – she ran around and checked all the doors, and as she feared, they were all locked.

Long story short…police were called, the car was opened, everyone had a good laugh (especially all the parents who were coming right around the same time to pick their kids up – eek…), and my friend looked at me when it was all over, and with the smile I gave, she knew this story was going to be posted here. It is a hazard of being one of my friends:)

While this mommy brain moment was a tough one to live through and watch, a respectable amount of time has passed and we can laugh.

Lesson learned – think about wine when you hear cries….

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