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All one boy wants for Christmas

***Updated: In comments below, you will note an amazing note from Julie Clark, the founder of Baby Einstein. This item was purchased by Julie in 1997 from Spencer gifts and used in the Baby Einstein videos. During the sale to Disney, this item would have been trashed.

The search now would be for someone who purchased this item from Spencer Gifts, as opposed to Baby Einstein. I have been in touch with Spencer Gifts via Facebook, and they have said that they will email the request out to their team.

We appreciate any help that you can continue to give this search. It may be a longshot, but it is Christmas…anything can happen, RIGHT?!  We can all be a little bit of Santa and make a wish come true!



Right now, we are all trying to find the best gift for our children for the holidays. The gift that will make them smile, the one that will light up their face, and the one that they will talk about going forward.

Last week, on the Facebook page for the mom’s in our town, I saw this post:

A friend’s autistic son has one thing that he wants for Christmas and the toy is discontinued! She has tried e-bay and craig’s list with no luck. I am sure that she would buy a used toy at this point. If anyone has this toy and is willing to sell OR if you have any ideas where this toy can be purchased, please let me know. It is from Baby Einstien/Baby Mozart and it’s called an orbiter. Thanks!

All one boy wants for Christmas

This has bugged me immensely since seeing the post…I posted it on the MMB FaceBook page, a parenting network at my work, and searched to the end of the internet. This mom wants to make her son’s Christmas perfect, and she can’t. Last night, I received an e-mail from an MMB reader. She said “Did you have any luck from your MMB Facebook page post? I know the boy, and he needs the gift.”

Game on…we have to find this item. It is probably siting in the back of someone’s attic, not touched, yet will make one boy’s Christmas. Please read the letter below which was written by the boy’s mom. I beg of you to share this post on your Facebook page, email it to your friends, check out Craigslist in your area…we can all be Santa this year and work to make one boy’s dream come true.

If you find it…please e-mail me at and I promise, I will let the mom know immediately. I am happy to pay for the toy, as well as any shipping costs as well.


My son Jaden has both autism and dwarfism…in a nut shell he has had it rough since birth.

During the first years of his life he was not able to really speak, faced several serious surgeries and certainly never requested any presents. It just seemed that no toy was of interest to him. However, he is always so happy.

Every birthday and Christmas we have asked for his wish, with no response. We would just try to get him things that were age appropriate and hope he would play and enjoy them.

This past month he has been learning to talk about Christmas and what it means at his special school and one morning he woke me up at 5:00 a.m. and in a full sentence, which has never been possible for him, said “ Mommy, I want to go to the mall to see Santa to ask for planets that spin from Baby Mozart.”

I was in shock and my husband and I have been relentlessly trying to find this for him.

He loves to read about rockets and the solar system, so I was shocked that he would remember this specific toy from a video that he has not seen in years.

Due to his autism he has a phenomenal memory and now that he is finally speaking at 7 years old this is the one thing he asks for by name. Although I have tried the manufacturer, Rabbit Tanaka Corp of Texas and the Baby Einstein company they are not able to help as the mold to re-run the toy have been destroyed. At this point I am just trying to find a person with a used one who would be willing to sell it.

I have tried to find a new or used Mini-Orbiter on all sites. I have even shown him other types of solar systems but he says “no, that’s not it, I need the one from Baby Einstein.”

This past Sunday we took Jaden to meet Santa and he actually spoke to him and made this request in person. I don’t want to see disappointment in his face if he does not receive this even though we know that may be the case….

Whatever you are able to do to help me locate this item so that I may purchase it for my son would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.

The more people I can reach who might have this, the better his odds are of having his Christmas wish come true.



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So-Called Geek - December 9, 2012 - 11:00 am

I put it out there through my networks as well. We can do this!

Jess t - December 9, 2012 - 12:57 pm

Probably pretty obvious but do you know if anyone has called the manufacturer or posted something to baby einstein’s facebook page? Maybe tweet about it to baby einstein? Not sure how socially active they are, but they may be able to help. I’d be happy to reach out to them if no one has already.

Jess t - December 9, 2012 - 12:59 pm

Nevermind, I somehow skipped over that part when reading. Duh!

admin - December 9, 2012 - 1:45 pm

no worries!! The more people who reach out to Baby Einstein, the better. I have posted it on their Twitter and FB pages, but no luck.

Julie Clark - December 9, 2012 - 6:02 pm

I’m writing as the founder of Baby Einstein — and I wish I had better news to share. I’d LOVE to make this boy’s Christmas by getting him this toy, but I have to tell you the reality of the situation. I purchased the mini orbiter (not a toy at all, actually — in fact, you’d never give it to a child to play with. It was pretty crappy plastic and just made to look at) in 1997 from Spencer gifts, a store in my local mall. We shot it for one of our first videos and hung on to it until we sold the Baby Einstein to Disney.

At that time, it was shipped with a bunch of old toys to Disney, but all of those toys have since been destroyed. Baby Einstein never made any of the toys that were in the videos, and so they were never in possession of any kind of mold — the only manufacturer was Rabbit Tonaka.

I wish I could change the situation. I’m so sorry. Julie

Theresa (No Drama Mammas & Pappas) - December 10, 2012 - 6:33 am

There has been quite a bit of posts on this ‘toy’ all over Facebook. In fact we as an organization Parent 2 Parent Global ( )have too reached out to the same and were told this was not a toy but a lamp or light up / display as Julie relates. Instead we took the direction of contacting both the manufacturer and 3 main stream media companies to find a way to connect to the manufacturer. It was shared that the mold for this was actually destroyed and is no longer available. There also may apparently be only 1 of these items within Baby Einstein but it is not in a working condition (as per posts from the family on other FB sites). We decided to take a different approach to see if this manufacturer or even another like it will be willing to create one, a duplicate. I reached out to the friend of Leticia’s to see if I can connect with Leticia because the media sites (1 TV and 2 major radio stations) are willing to air and solicit this request but wanted to get more information on this request, family, and the child. If you know Leticia, could you ask her to contact us? I emailed a friend of hers for her contact info but if you have her contact information we would like to email her direct to connect her to these individuals through this submission. Thank you for posting on this too. I personally do not know this family BUT I do know autism and way too many people who have children on the spectrum, including some of my extended family. I also found it incredibly moving how all of Leticia’s friends have gone above and beyond in trying to help her find this product!. Trying Spencer gifts is def a way to go too. Maybe they have one of the older items out there but the manufacture date is 1997 :((( Anyway, good luck in helping to get this moving but if you or any of your friends have the moms contact data can you get that info to us thru message to our admins on our page?? Link: Thank you so much!!

Diane - December 10, 2012 - 7:05 am

Someone probably already thought of this too, but I submitted the story to Ellen and Live with Kelly – it’s a long shot, but if they shared the story it would certainly get the word out!

admin - December 10, 2012 - 11:15 am

Theresa, I emailed you the mom’s contact information. I hope that something works out.
Diane – WOW! Thank you so much. Fingers crossed!!!!

Theresa (NDMP) - December 11, 2012 - 8:35 am

Hi Dana, she emailed us. My coorg forwarded to me and I ontacted her last evening. Thank you!

Wanda McHenry - December 11, 2012 - 12:49 pm

Please contact me with the info!

denise - December 12, 2012 - 7:57 am

Some how some way this will happen, it seems to me that so many people have reached out to everyone possible that this simply cannot be ignored. This has to happen for this little boy. I pray for him and his family that his Christmas wish comes true

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