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Celebrating Mommy Thursdays – The Real Mom Chronicles: RN Mom of 3

You know the moms out there that make you think, I have no idea how they do it? Well, get ready to think that, because this mom has had me in awe for years. A mom of 3, who works 2 jobs, one of which being overnight…I am exhausted just thinking about it. I truly appreciate this mom’s honesty in sharing her answers with me as well –

Mom Q & A

Registered Nurse

Age? 36 (almost 37)

How many children do you have? What are their ages? 3 beautiful children..6 1/2y.o  3 y.o(May 28th) and 1 y.o

How many days a week/typical hours do you work?3-4 days a week working 11pm to 7am, plus I work a private nursing job.

Do your children attend school/day care? If so, what type?Abigail is in full day kindergarden, Nathaniel goes to preschool/daycare 2 full days, Patrick goes to daycare 2 half days

Describe your typical weekday…I dont think I have a typical weekday.  After a night of work, I get home around 745am, assist my husband on getting all the kids ready for school, and so he can take a shower (since he cant do it with the kids Once they are out the door I am usually in bed by 830am and sleep until 2pm.  I get showered and ready to pick up the kiddos between 315-330p, Abigail sometimes will have dance or horseback riding.  I will prepare dinner..if we are lucky we all sit together.  Then I either have my second private duty nursing job for a couple of hours or I get the kids bathed and ready for bed for 730-8pm.  If I have to work at 11pm then I am back in bed resting until 1030pm if not I may stay up for a bit with hubby to catch up..

On a non work day-I get up with the kids…get Abigail ready for school.  Dan likes to bring her.  I am either cleaning house, laundry or running errands with boys attached at hips.  Then the rest is like above with picking Abigail up at 315pm.  Boys usually fall asleep right before we have to get her which leaves for a great trip to the school!

What is your biggest daily struggle? How do you cope with it? Not showing how tired I am and showing frustration in front of the kids.  I just keep going without really thinking about it.  I was on Celexa after Abigail for postpartum depression and continue again on it now.  Had taken myself off before Nathaniel but realized it does help keep me relax

What is your least favorite household “chore” and why? Laundry,  somehow it piles up fast with a family of five and before I know it, I have 5 loads going for that day

What is your favorite mommy moment?  When I am doing “chores” and I can hear the kids in the other room belly laughing all together.  It reminds me that I am doing an okay job!

What is the one thing about your children that worries you and keeps you up at night? If I made sure I told them I loved them enough that day or praised them for even the little things.

What is your biggest indulgence/thing that you do for yourself? Havent been able to do that in a while. (Note to RN Moms hubby…I see a night away being planned in your future)

And for fun….

What celebrity mom/child would you want to have a play-date with and why? Jennifer Garner…even before she married Ben Affleck and had her children (even thought that is a plus), she always appeared to be down to earth.  It helps her children are about the same ages as mine! (I totally agree! She is my celeb mom playdate wish…well, actually, I think Jen, Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon and I would have an awesome time drinking some wine and watching the kids play)…


And check out these cute kiddos!!


WOW…are you as tired reading that as I am??? Thank you again for sharing your stories with me. It is amazing to hear how different all of our lives are, but our goals and worries and mommy moments all seem to be so similar.

If you are interested in being featured as a “Real Mom”, please email me at Please note that I am booked with Real Moms until July/August, but would be thrilled to hear your story, and have it ready to be posted in that timeframe! 

Ellie {Musing Momma} - June 7, 2012 - 4:42 pm

Oh my gosh, I AM tired reading that schedule! Yes, a night away sounds VERY deserved.

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