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Christmas Crafts

So you all know that I am not crafty, at all…I am excited to share a guest post from Jan today – with a bit of craftiness involved!  And yes, we are CLOSE to Christmas, but the first idea is a GREAT last-minute Christmas Craft to make….the second, I am putting on your planning list for next year. We have an advent Calendar in our house (which we spent quite a lot of money on- not like this super affordable/super cute version!), and it has truly helped our  son get the concept of time related to the holiday. I highly recommend this one – a perfect craft to do in the quiet winter months to enjoy next year! 

And now…over to Jan for two Christmas Crafts! 

The holiday season is the time for crafting. Whether you’re making great gifts for those in your life or you’re just trying to create some of your own decorations to add to your home this season, crafting is quite a bit of fun during the holidays. Not sure where to start? Here are a couple of fun ideas just in time for Christmas.

Fabric Ornament Ball Christmas CraftFabric Ball Ornaments: These amazing ornaments look fantastic on a tree or as holiday decorations on their own, and the best part is that they’re a great way to use up and fabric scraps you happen to have around your home. The project starts with a foam ball of any size. The larger the ball, the larger the final product.  There are a couple of ways to make ball ornaments.  For the first method, divide the ball into four sections with a permanent marker and then divide those sections in half so that you have eight sections total (kind of like orange segments). Cut along those lines with a sharp utility knife to create slits in the foam ball. Now it’s time to start cutting your fabric strips. You want them to be about a half-inch longer than your sections. Push the fabric into the slits of the ball with the back of your utility knife blade. Repeat the process for each section of the ball until it is covered in fabric.  The second method is to cut the fabric into 1 1/2 inch squares with a pinking shears.  Then poke a pin throw the center of each square to affix it to the Styrofoam ball.  Push the pin in far enough so that the fabric puckers in the center.  Do this again and again until the entire ornament is covered in fabric.  Tie some twine or cute ribbon onto a floral pin, then press that into the top of your ornament.

 CShoerack Advent Calendar Christmas Crafthristmas Countdown Calendar: If you know some little ones this holiday season who are having trouble waiting until the big day, this is the project for you. A hanging canvas shoe rack is all you need to get this project started. While these can vary in size, you need one with twenty-four pockets. Now it’s time to number the pockets, and you can get as creative with this task as you’d like. Feel free to use gorgeous fabrics, great paints, charms, beads, ribbons, and whatever else you can think of to form a number and decoration on each pocket. You can also use felt with glue or iron-on adhesive to create a unique Christmas themed motif on every pocket like the ones shown in the photo.  Once your numbers are done, so are you. All that’s left to do is stuff the pockets with treats all the kids at your house will love.  And best of all, you can use this calendar to countdown Christmas again and again.




About the Author:

Jan Kremer is an event planner and contributor at where she shares DIY tips, holiday event planning advice, and seasonal gift ideas with blog readers. 

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