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Holiday Gift Finds from MMB

Blog OrnamentAre you getting ready for the Holidays??? I just wrote up my list of people to buy for and am getting ready to make my way through and find goodies for all of my friends and family.  I am not doing the Black Friday Shopping (especially not with companies that are opening on Thanksgiving – BLECH), and will be trying to support as many small businesses as possible this holiday season.

As I thought about some of my favorite companies and places I could not wait to buy from, I figured I should share my Holiday Gift Finds here as well. I have talked about some of these companies in the past, and some are pretty new, but these companies are small businesses, most are mom-owned companies, and they are companies that I have interacted with at least once (usually many more times!) in the past. They sell beautiful, unique products. They are my goto’s, and all on my product love-list, and I am sure that you will feel that way too.  If there is a business that you know and love, that would make a great holiday gift, please feel free to list it in the comments below as well!

Now…one more item is not quite ready, but is a must for your holiday shopping list. I have written a children’s book, which will be ready for purchase in early December. I am super (duper) excited about this, and will share the details with you all very soon. Keep your eyes peeled on my website and FaceBook page for more information, including details on how to order!



Before we head too far into the gifts, it is a must to have some cute little Christmas shirts for the kids. I am buying my kid’s shirts from kikibOnan, which can be found both on Etsy and FaceBook. My son picked out the “Truckin from the Tree Farm” ($18) and my daughter will have the “Candy Colored Christmas Present” ($18).

truckin from the tree farm    Candy Colored Christmas Present appliqued tee
While you are on the kikibOnan Etsy site, I highly recommend the reusable snack bags. This is a great packaging idea if you are giving a gift card gift. Why spend the money on a gift bag or wrapping paper? I use these bags for honestly, everything. Snacks, crayons, first aid items…addicted!
plaid reusable snack bag - eco friendly

More than a Cupcake

Tina at More than a Cupcake came up with a great idea for DIY print at home Christmas Tags ($8). I LOVE this idea, because this is what I will be using for all the “Santa” gifts in our house. My super-observant son who was 3 last year said “mommy – you and santa have the same wrapping paper”, so I am totally on my game this year. By using these tags, there is no paper trail and no chance my son will see me reuse tags. There is also no chance I will run out, and have to run to the store on Christmas eve, because I can reprint at home – so darn easy!

Christmas Labels Cards Tags For your personal use

My Sleeping Beauty

Eva creates personalized, unique gifts – such adorable items for any occasion, but my favorites are her Chrismas items! Eva is on Etsy and FaceBook, and is the creator of my son’s favorite holiday decoration, the Christmas Light Present Box ($22.00). She also made me the blog ornament above for me – such a great idea for someone who has their own business, blog, or a milestone.

Lighted Christmas Present Glass Box


AM Evangelista Jewelry

For anyone who has been on my site for a while, you know my obsession with Ann Marie’s Jewelry. This woman has major talent. I have already ordered several of her necklaces for my gifts this year. Her necklaces are beautiful, her turnaround is fast, and her packaging is perfect. I love the idea of her key chains for a smaller gift that you need to get as well.  The necklaces vary in price based on the disk size, chain,and any add ons, so I recommend checking out the Etsy site to see what you like! She also has smaller items, such as this key chain ($18)

Grandma Nana Oma Nonna Stamped Sterling Silver Necklace with 4 Birthstone Crystals    High School Sterling Silver Key Ring Key Chain

Chivas Goat Milk Soap and Skin Care

I have been in love with this mother/daughter owned company for years. Every year, Donna and Lauren’s Sweet Nothings goat milk facial cream ($24) and lavender Oatmeal soap ($9.00) is in my stocking. I bought several soaps for my kids teachers last year as well (they are always washing their hands, as you can imagine!), and the teacher said it was her absolute favorite gift. Love! You can find Chivas both at their website or on Facebook.

Goat Milk Facial Creme (Sweet Nothings)   Lavender Oatmeal "Market" Goat Milk Soap


Word Couture

Another thing you know about me if you have been on this site is this mom loves her wine:)I first saw Word Couture a couple of years ago at a craft fair. I ordered one for all of my friends that year, and it has been a favorite engagement or “just because” gift ever since.  Love their holiday “Ho Ho Ho” ($25) and their monogram wine bottle ($25).  There are a ton more options for fantastic gift ideas on their website as well. .

Ho Ho Ho!  Snowflakes    Single Letter Mongram

Charles Emerson Designs

Ok, if I usually buy gifts for you, don’t read this paragraph. I am AH-doring this new venture by Erin over Richmond Thrifter. Charles Emerson Designs has some super thrifty, but even more important – super awesome jewelry. You can check out her FaceBook page (which I highly recommend because she often posts pre-sales) and or her Charles Emerson Designs website for her entire line. My favorites are the Clover Necklace ($18), the funky elephant bangle ($15) and the bamboo bangle ($12).


 Elephant BangleBamboo Bangle

 Grandpa’s Wooden Toys 

(This is actually a Grandpa and Grandma owned business!)

I am starting to have panic attacks about the amount of plastic toys which will be entering my house come Christmas…plastic noisy toys are the ones that give me some major heart palpitations. My son has received an item from Grandpa’s Wooden Toys every year since he was born. He is a huge fan of the bi-plane ($18) . If your little girl is into the American Girl dolls, there is also a line of furniture, which is perfect for the dolls, but at a better price! Love their table and chair set ($55).

Grandpa's Wooden Toys Bi-Plane Table and Chair Set

Tutu Maria

My little girl LOVES playing dress up (while running around holding a dinosaur and roaring, of course)…and tutus are her favorite. She puts on a tutu, and starts saying “Pretty Mommy, so pretty.” Maria’s Tutus, which can be found on FaceBook are simply precious, and really do make any girl feel like a little princess. The owner is incredibly creative, will make custom orders, and is just an awesome lady! This Christmas shabby chic tutu, which my little one will be sporting, is $18.



Olivia Bloom 

I adore pretty much every item that Neada carries at the Olivia Bloom. You can check out Olivia Bloom products both on her website and her FaceBook page (sales and promos are posted!). If you are shopping for a boy, there are cr-azy sales on her boy line as it is being discontinued. Definitely check it out – the style and quality is just awesome. I actually had tears when I read that the boy line was stopping because there is just NO where to buy stylish boy clothes. Ok…so first, buy the 3D boxing glove tee ($14), which is my son’s favorite, for any little boy on your shopping list. Then…check out the super cute Natasha Cat bag ($15.99). This will be under the tree for my little girl – animals and purses combined…I know it will make her day!

3D Boxing Glove Tee      Natasha Cat Bag

Haymarket Designs 

This page started showing up all over my news feed in FaceBook, and I was instantly drawn to the vibrant colors and fun products. Their website is filled with fabulous treasures and the FaceBook page announces new products, shares deals, and has some fantastic giveaways.  I have never been a fancy phone case ($44) girl, but was totally won over by navy blue, chevron, and a monogram. Her site has tons of options to choose from as well, and would be a great gift!  I also love the beach towels ($55) and love to give gifts that can be used in the summer…its almost like you relive Christmas when you pull it out a couple of months later!

Zig Zag Phone Cases Cross-tee Beach Towel
I hope you like the list above, and that it helps give you a kick-start on your holiday shopping. Can’t wait to hear your feedback, and of course, your ideas as well!


Note to readers: kikibOnan, More than a Cupcake, My Sleeping Beauty, AM Evangelista, and the Richmond Thrifter are sponsors of Mastering Mommy Brain. Where I have purchased the items from any store, I am providing my most honest reviews of these products.

Erin - November 15, 2012 - 8:31 am

Honored to have been chosen Dana!!! Thanks so much! LOVE all your picks!!!

Christine - November 15, 2012 - 10:30 am

Thanks for all these awesome suggestions. I love me some easy internet shopping, especially for unique handmade gifts like these.

Tina - November 15, 2012 - 1:32 pm

Thanks so much Dana! You do such an Awesome job! It makes me want to start shopping at some of these small businesses right now for the Holidays! What a great idea! Thanks again :)

Eva - November 15, 2012 - 6:53 pm

Thank you so much Dana! Love the others! And CONGRATS – a children’s book!!!! Can’t wait to read!!!

Ann Marie - November 15, 2012 - 7:01 pm

Thanks for including me among these wonderful and talented people!!! Great ideas for gifts. BTW – Congratulations on the book – VERY EXCITING!!!! I can’t wait to see it!

Tracy Piccuillo - November 16, 2012 - 8:01 am

Thank you so much for including our personalized lanterns and Word Couture in your Holiday Gift Finds! We’re honored!

And also thank you for introducing me to these other wonderful products and gifts—there are definitely things here that are on my to-buy list!

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