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Your Emergency Car Bag

As the nice weather is approaching, I feel like our family is always on the go – day trips, weekend trips, bbqs and more. The great news is that we are enjoying the outdoors and seeing family and friends, the bad news is that my son, also known as, “the puker”, tends to get sick pretty easily. A car trip, getting overexcited when seeing friends he hasn’t seen in a while, eating a new type food, eating food too fast, and more have all been known to trigger the above mentioned condition.

Last summer, after spending a couple of hours at one of the town playgrounds on a Sunday afternoon, we decided to bypass our home cooked meal dinner plans, and head out to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.  It was a beautiful night, the kids were in great moods, and we had visions of enjoying a margarita, eating some good food, and finishing off the blissfully perfect day with smiles on our faces before heading into the work week ahead.

So, we arrive at the restaurant, get seated, order our food and drinks, and all is going well. There is some fun music on the radio, and my son starts to dance around (we are pretty much the first of the early bird crowd, so totally acceptable). The food arrives and we dig in…I look over at him a couple minutes later, and can tell this evening is about to go downhill fast. I motion to my husband who tucks my son under his arm like a football (probably not helping the cause, but I would never be the one to play the blame game 8 months later), and he runs him off to the bathroom.

I am with my daughter who is sleeping peacefully in her infant carseat, and having seen that the boys made it safely to the bathroom, I finish off my margarita (please don’t judge), and dinner. My phone then starts ringing, and it is my husband…the situation that I thought was under control was definitely not.

While my son threw up successfully once in the bathroom, when my husband picked him up to leave the bathroom, he threw up again, this time all over himself and my husband. My husband and son were both in the bathroom, my son was in his underwear (cloths were beyond salvation), and my husband was covered head to toe.  I quickly paid our bill with a generous tip, got to go boxes for hubby’s dinner, went out and got the car, and pulled up outside the restaurant. A sweet waitress watched my daughter while I gathered up my son and husband…my husband had to throw his shirt in the dumpster, and the waitress gave him wet paper towels to wipe himself up, at least a bit.

We looked around the car, and the only thing we had were some reusable shopping bags and a burp cloth. I put the burp cloth on my son, and husband sat shirtless and smelly in the front seat. My husband just kept asking why we weren’t better prepared knowing that our son gets sick so easily…

Well, it has taken 8 months, but as I was writing this post, I decided to finally pack up a bag for my car (which will be going in the car tomorrow morning). Even if you don’t have a “puker”, you never know what life is going to throw at you. It can’t hurt to have some of life’s necessities in your car, just in case. You also know that out of all the people reading this, this situation, or one like it, is going to happen to someone, and they are not going to be prepared. Don’t be that person!

So…here is what’s in our bag:

– Extra change of clothes for each family member

– Package of wipes

– Febreeze

– Paper towels

– 2 bottles of water (if you need to quickly wash something off)



Megan - May 2, 2012 - 7:55 pm

I try to keep a couple of diapers (gonna need them in two sizes now!), wipes, an extra pair of pants for my oldest (we have unfortunately been getting to leaking-diaper wet pants more often than I want to admit lately), then a bunch of nice-to-haves like a coloring book, action figures and a book for impromptu restaurant stops, a shovel and a ball for the playground or beach (yes, living in SoCal where it’s always nice and the beach is right there is awesome), and I’ve just added a jacket for everyone.

Sorry to hear D is a puker… but there is something sort of endearing about the fact that he gets so excited he throws up :)

Faraz - February 18, 2016 - 10:42 pm

I hope no one ever, EVER, sees my favorite bankig shirt .some came close and yes, sometimes you just pull back your hair and scrub your hands and hope no one notices .

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