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Mommy Brain Moments Round-Up

So this week, a couple of MMB readers sent me over their Mommy Brain Moments. I had to share them because I died laughing when I read each one. It was also a great reminder that these kinds of things happen to everyone…I am not alone!

So I bring you…

Mommy Brain

Mommy Brain Moments Round-up


Major mommy brain moment very early this morning. Little man woke up about 1am. Since his diaper was soaked I changed it before I got him back to bed. This morning when getting ready to change him again I made an interesting discovery! There were two diapers on the poor man! He still had the soaked diaper I had thought I changed plus a nice dry one over it! Oh boy I need more sleep!”


“As I wondered why my coffee creamer was sitting out on the counter, I realized that I made my son’s oatmeal with my hazelnut creamer instead of milk! He was not a fan, so I had to make his breakfast all over again! “


Here is the one that would TOTALLY be me as I am the worst direction follower ever…

“Me, to Hubby: “I really don’t like the new floor cleaner you got. It leaves the floor really tacky. Yes, it is DEFINITELY making the floor sticky.”
Hubby: “Maybe you didn’t dilute it enough.”
Me: “You’re supposed to dilute it?”
Yes, apparently I was cleaning my floors with full-strength, undiluted cleaning solution. Oops.”

I love this! Thank you so much to the people who shared their moments!  Do you have a Mommy Brain Moment to share? If so…feel free to email me – or drop a note on the FaceBook page! I would love to share more of your moments on the next Round Up!

Ellie {Musing Momma} - October 10, 2012 - 9:21 pm

Awesome! 😉

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