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Three Months with Baby Girl

Baby girl is three months…well, a little over three months, but I don’t do much on time these days. We are hitting the sweet spot. The sweet spot of baby smiles, a somewhat predictable schedule, and getting to know what the heck cries mean. The sweet spot of regular showers, sitting through meals, and starting to feel “normal”.  One of my friends asked me a couple of months ago if it every got easier with a newborn. I firmly believe the first 3 months are about survival…if you get anything done besides taking care of that baby, and sort of taking care of yourself, it’s a bonus.


So where are we now…the successes and challenges…

Three MonthsOn the good side – first off we are getting tons of baby smiles. She has been smiling for a while, but now, it is in reaction to us. She will hear her brother and sister, look in their direction, and smile. The kids LOVE this…and often try to see who can make her smile first.   She has a wonderful temperament, and might just be that “go with the flow” third child rumor I kept hearing!



We are successfully continuing with breastfeeding. My daughter one time started crying randomly one time when I was feeding the baby…when I asked her why she was crying – she said it was because the baby was going to eat me all up. I’m going to be honest, sometimes, I worry about that too…I mean, this girl is weighing in at over 16 pounds. At three months.  Lordy!  I am very grateful all is going well, because I know that is not always the case.

On the challenges….while breastfeeding is going well, we are having challenges with her taking the bottle…which I said was not going to happen after my second, but it is tricky as I am usually alone with the kids (especially during the week), and pumping and then giving a bottle is more time consuming..I am trying my hardest to work through this challenge though, and get her more comfortable with bottles. We have tried many kinds of bottles, and settled on the Born Free as her bottle of choice, and the one that she prefers the most (also child #1s choice, #2 preferred Playtex Drop Ins)…I am hopeful that this becomes easier for her as we work together on this in the coming weeks.

Sleep…I was spoiled with baby #2 sleeping through the night early on (7:30 – 7:30 consistently), and has always being a pretty awesome sleeper.  We were as well rested as you could be with kids.  This time around I would say we have a decent sleeper. She usually goes down around 7:30/7:45 – sometimes perfectly, but sometimes pretty rough. She will wake up after about 20 minutes, inconsolable, and it can vary on how long it takes to get her back to sleep. While we have had several nights where she slept completely through the night, she will wake usually once during the night to eat (varying from 2:30 – 4:30 am), and then wake between 6:30 and 7:30. We are trying to work through the going down at night aspect…she naps great in her crib during the day, and watching her on the monitor and in person, it doesn’t seem like we can pinpoint why she is waking. Hopefully we will figure it out soon though!


Just like from month one, I thought I would share three of our favorite and most used items from this month…

Rainforest Bouncer: This is my absolute savior for I need to put an awake baby down for a bit. She loves the seat, and the activity. My son calls it her “video game” because of the lights, and how her actions cause a reaction.This has been a big hit with other babies at our house


BundleMe – it’s getting chilly out there, and we are out every day…whether we are running the older 2 to school, or getting out for some exercise..I have found the BundleMe for keeping baby girl toasty warm. As a friend said – it looks like she is sitting in a big Ugg. Ah, perfection:)



Lamaze Toys: For the first 2 months, my daughter was content to play on a blanket by herself, or sit in a chair and look out at whatever was passing her by. One day, she started whimpering, so my son passed her Lulu the Hippo, and she was fascinated. Since then, Lulu, along with Freddy the Firefly, and Stretch the Giraffe have been her favorite “go to’s” (besides her brother and sister) for smiles.




All in all, we are feeling incredibly blessed, and lucky to get to the point where things are feeling good for everyone.


Thank you for following along in our adventures!

Minted and the Holidays

Disclosure: I received compensation to complete this review, however, all opinions listed and expressed are completely my own. 

The other day at the store, I heard my son whisper to my daughter, “uh oh, Santa and the elves are starting to watch us.” When I asked him what he was talking about, he pointed at the big holiday displays. Oh yes…Christmas is upon us! Now don’t hate me, but I have started my Christmas shopping, crafts, and have started looking at holiday cards. A couple of my photographer friends have mentioned loving Minted and cards that I received last year designed by them totally struck me as high quality, great products. Here are some of my favorites from the Minted Holiday collection. Oh and to avoid any mommy brain mistakes, please know that they do have designer review, proofing, and a final customer review. Phew…doesn’t get any better than that! I am so impressed by their hundreds of designs…honestly, I could look through their site forever (and just about did as I was getting inspiration for my own holiday card!).

Here are some of my favorite cards. I would love to hear your favorites as well! Oh and if anyone has any suggestions on how to get three kids to smile for holiday cards, I am all ears as well:)

I love this one, simple but such a classic look:


Modern Archive Holiday Photo Cards


Another one, and loving the heart shape…and the option for multiple pictures (that might solve my problem!):

Complete Love Holiday Photo Cards


And my absolute favorite, the wreath card:

Monogram Wreath Holiday Photo Cards

One foot in front of the other…

Tonight, I would love to share with you a little challenge I have set up for myself…its been a while since I focused on “Celebrating Moms Thursdays”, which is a bit reflective of how life gets sometimes, I suppose!

A few weeks ago, my husband called me with an idea – “how about we sign up for a 5K?” I said sure, to appease him, and figured the conversation would die, and we would be back to eating ice cream that night. We had talked about doing a race together back in our dating days. I always wanted to run one…I think my SIL who ran the New York City marathon 11 months after having a baby is simply amazing, and I am always inspired by how she seems to run forever with ease.  I always wanted to be like that, but to be honest, never knew how to start. I mean, I like to exercise and be “in shape”, but there has been a pretty big hurdle of getting back into things after baby. When I finally have the chance to sit, it is tough – do you sit, or do you get up and exercise? A couple of minutes later my phone conversation, I had an email in my inbox from my husband, which said, “I signed us up”….when I looked further, I realized that the 5K he signed us up for was December 7th. Crap.

One foot in front of the otherAfter a day of nerves, I started to get kind of excited. How often do I set goals for myself these days to accomplish – especially physical goals. Pretty much never…I know what I want to weigh, or what size jeans I want to fit in to…but that’s kind of the extent of it. Last year I did a boot camp challenge at a local gym, and it felt great. I realized this 5K was a goal…and one that I had to get into the right physical shape to meet. We are super fortunate in our town to have a gorgeous trail to run on. I usually walk the trail, but running it has been a new, awesome experience. I am able to lose myself when running…to think, and to just breathe in the fresh air.  I chose to work with a running coach to get me to put one foot in front of the other, and “teach” me how to run, which has been perfect for me. She encourages me, tells me – yes, you are going to keep going, and when to kick it into gear.

Today, I was able to run…actually run 3.2 miles – running 1.56, taking a 60 second recovery walk, and then running 1.64 miles. My fastest mile was 9 min and 45 seconds, and the slowest was 10 min, 22 seconds. I think I am going to be able to do this…and my goal has to beat my husband (don’t tell him…). We’ll see how it goes.


I read a quote recently which said:

“Dead last is greater than did not finish, which trumps did not start.”

So….I got started, and I am ok if I come in dead last, as long as I finish.


Have you set any goals for yourself recently? Anything you are challenging yourself with? I would love to hear:)

Anne - November 7, 2013 - 11:32 pm

You’ll do great! You’ll get addicted. As I posted on FB, I love to run. I still try to run (but definitely toned down) while pregnant. I want to do a 10K when this new one is 6 months, so about a year from now, and then a half when she turns a year. Running to me is relaxing, and it’s my favorite alone time. But I guarantee if you do a 5K, you’ll think “Oh that wasn’t too bad” and keep signing up for more and more races!

Melissa @ Fit 'n' Well Mommy - November 9, 2013 - 12:08 am

Congrats on the goal setting! You will do great at your race and I can’t wait to hear all about it and your training journey! I can so relate about the struggle of wanting to sit when you finally have the chance, instead of getting up and working out. It’s hard after baby, but the feeling of accomplishment after you finished a workout is the best!

The only goal I have set for myself is to continue doing CrossFit up until the day I deliver (I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant with baby #2). After the baby arrives, my first goal will be to get back into CrossFit and get back into shape. We’ll see…

admin - November 9, 2013 - 7:55 am

Thanks so much! What a great goal for you as well – it will certainly make it easier to recover! Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!! And one of each now, right?! :)

admin - November 9, 2013 - 7:56 am

What a great goal! Congratulations again on your pregnancy…so excited for you!

Marriage Forgetful Moments

This weekend, my husband and I are celebrating our anniversary…6 years. Which doesn’t seem long at all, but when we think about all that has happened in those 6 years – it is bonkers. Graduating grad school, buying a house, having three children, managing job changes…Lordy. Headspinning!

My husband is definitely the “Better Half” of our marriage. The reasonable one, the funny one, the patient one, and let’s be honest…the nice one. The patience factor, especially as I learn to manage this momma to three gig, has been huge.  Last night, I was talking about all the dopey things that I have done this week, and said “honestly, I used to totally have my act together.” He laughed…and informed me that was never really the case. He reminded me of my first marriage mess up….


We were in Hawaii for our honeymoon. The most beautiful place…with gorgeous sunsets, lush greenery, and perfection everywhere you looked.

Hawaiian Sunset

A perfect sunset picture from our honeymoon…

After a couple of days in Maui, we went to Kauai. We planned to stay two days in one part, and then were moving to a new hotel in Princeville for the rest of our stay.  I have always been the efficient packer in our relationship (or maybe he has convinced me that I am, so I always pack for our trips)…so when we were moving hotels, I packed up our clothes while he brought things out to the car, and off we went to Princeville. As we were getting ready for dinner that night, my husband started looking for his shirts, then his pants. We came to quickly realize that he was missing a TON of clothing. We checked the car to make sure we had all the suitcases (we did), and I then realized everything was a little easier to pack this time around…and our suitcases were certainly a little lighter.  We called the hotel, and drove the hour back there to see what we had left. They had packed up everything into a bag for us…um, a massive size garbage bag. It had just about all of his clothes in it. I only packed the clothes which were shared in one of my drawers. I failed my first “wife” duty, and literally did not pack up 2 of the drawers, or anything he had hanging in his closet. WHOOPS.

So to my husband…thank you always for your patience and laughter. And maybe someday we’ll look as tan and well-rested as we once did…Happy early Anniversary!

Marriage Forgetfulness

Do you have any marriage mess ups to share that you and your spouse laugh at now? Please tell me I am not the only one!:)

Sharing our Thankfuls

It’s November. Seriously – November. Out of no where came the bare trees, winter jackets, and talk of the holidays. I feel like time is passing so quickly. Probably because we are on the other half of my maternity leave…the weeks seem to pass by in the blink of an eye. Not getting teary yet. Yet. I know it is coming, big time. I digress.

My kids are getting to the ages where they appreciate the holidays so much more. After Halloween was over, we started talking about Thanksgiving, and what we would do to celebrate. I told them that our family would all come over, we would have a big turkey dinner, talk about what we were thankful for, and we would have the parade and football on the TV. My son said, so I guess we’ll just be thankful for a big dinner and football. Hm. That needed a little work.

I checked out Pinterest for ideas on how to start making Thanksgiving a little more real for them. I found lots of various types of turkeys, which were cute, but didn’t get my point across. I then came across an idea from Carina Gardner which had leaves where people would write what they were thankful for. The website had a great template if you are leaf-creating challenged (like I am).  I cut away, and placed the “leaves” on our table, planning to ask my son and daughter what they were thankful for each evening.

Sharing our Thankfuls


The first day – after writing down their answers, they asked my husband and I, “what are you guys thankful for?”  We answered, and then they asked what we thought their baby sister was thankful for. So…we now have a family leaf project, which we are all having so much fun with. The activity has been moved to the morning, because they quite simply cannot wait  until the night-time. Answers have varied – Sportscenter (my son, not my husband….), milk/OJ/water (my always parched 2 1/2-year-old, spending time with my family…but it has been so great to see what everyone comes up with every day. My favorite so far is when my son snuck downstairs to write his name on a leaf, followed by “mom” so I would be surprised when I came down in the morning. I could skip the part that he found the permanent marker to write it with, and got it all over the kitchen table, but you know we keep things real around here.:)

Sharing our Thankfuls

I am loving our thankful activity, and hopeful that it sets in by Thanksgiving that we have a lot more to be thankful for than Turkey and Football:)


What are you doing this November to focus on being “thankful”…or better yet, what would you write on a thankful leaf today?:)

Lauren - November 6, 2013 - 2:34 pm

I love this idea! I have had a hard time explaining the meaning of Thanksgiving to my son. I think something like this would definitely help. I think it’s so important for kids to understand how to appreciate their family, friends, and every day life. Thanks for sharing!

Ellie {Musing Momma} - November 6, 2013 - 8:22 pm

What a cute idea! I love it!

admin - November 9, 2013 - 7:56 am

Thanks, Ellie!! :)