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Potty Training and Mommy Brain

A reader wrote to me the following question:

“Going to embark full force on the potty-training adventure with my son. Any tips from you or other moms out there? Any tips specific to boys?”

Um no. I have NO tips at all. My only tip that I have is to follow nothing that I did in your potty training adventures. I pushed my son to meet a school deadline, instead of working with him to see when he was ready. I bribed him, spending more money on prizes and toys than I will every admit, to anyone, and it was a time that caused a heck of a lot of stress. So I am very sorry to this reader, but you will have to check out one of those blogs written by a mom who has her act together, because that is not me:)

What I can do is share a story, a great mommy brain moment, in the hopes that NO ONE else ever has to go through this. We were heading out to a window/door store locally to check out some items which were needed in our home renovation. Before we were leaving, we had our bag packed, our list for what we needed at the store, packed up our snacks and other “entertaining” items so my husband and I could be able to focus on the decisions we had to make. We then moved into our regular battle with our son…we encouraged him to go to the bathroom, he told us he didn’t have to, we reminded him of the last time he went, and then said…”you have to go because they don’t have potties there”. ┬áHe fought and fought, we gave in, and went off to the store.

The store was filled with contractors, several middle-aged men workers, and our energetic crew of 4. My children checked out how every door and window to make sure that they worked properly (they did at the time, can’t say the same about after our visit), and they finally settled down with the bag of entertainment that I brought along. My son wandered off after a little while, to an area of doors. I mistakenly thought he was just hanging out and looking at the merchandise. I then hear one of the men yell out…”we’ve got a smelly one over here”.

As I was in the bathroom, mortified, trying to clean up the mess, I asked my son why he did that. “Mommy, you said they didn’t have potties, what else was I supposed to do.”
So…my one recommendation….tell your children you can ALWAYS find a potty. ANYWHERE. That’s all the advice I have:)Anyone else have better potty training advice? Even better…a good potty training story?:)

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Ellie {Musing Momma} - December 20, 2012 - 2:42 pm

Oh my gosh, Dana, that story had me CRACKING UP, although I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time.

Although I certainly don’t have it all together, I did write a post a few months back on potty training. Based on my experience, waiting until the kids are ready really is the key (although there are definitely differing opinions on that).

One other thing I think helped my boys is that daycare had the kids sit on the potty regularly throughout the day, even if they were still in diapers. Although they wouldn’t go in the potty at daycare consistently at first, over the course of a couple months they started to get the concept of “letting go” when they sat on the potty. We also had potty seats in the house well before they started really potty training, so they could get comfortable with them and occasionally “try them out.” It was sort of “pre-potty training preparation,” before they actively potty trained, that I think helped them to be ready.

Melissa@Fit 'n' Well Mommy - December 20, 2012 - 3:53 pm

Your story had me laughing so hard, I was in tears! We are in the process of potty training and boy is it a long process! We are using a potty chart with stamps for pee and stickers for poo. My son was excited at first, but now it seems he isn’t interested. I’m thinking of trying the pant less method for 4 or 5 days after the holidays. We will see how it goes!

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