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Real Moms: HR Manager Mom to 2

I am so excited to have the opportunity to feature so many amazing “Real Moms” on this site.  Today I am featuring Rina. Rina and I both have children around similar ages, and while we were on maternity leaves with our second children, we exercised a couple of days a week together. We see each other a lot less now, as we both are often caught up during the week with work, but she is someone who I truly respect and admire, and am thrilled to share her with you all today:)

Mom Q & A

Real Mom ChroniclesOccupation? Human Resources Manager at Stew Leonard’s, 21 years and Health Coach for Take Shape for Life, 1 year.

How many children do you have? What are their ages? Giancarlo almost 4 yrs old and Angelo almost 2 yrs old

How many days a week/typical hours do you work? 5 days a week- 40 hours

Do your children attend school/day care? If so, what type? Giancarlo attends Preschool and Angelo goes to an at home day care.

Describe your typical weekday…My alarm goes off at 5am and immediately our 2 dogs go nuts because they are hungry! J I put on some coffee and have quiet time with my husband, Pete, for 45 minutes as we watch news and chat before he leaves for work. At 545 I get myself ready. At 630 I get the kids up, teeth brushed, clothes changed, breakfast made and bags packed. At 710 let the dogs out, make sure everything is off, locked, dogs back in and we are out the door. I drop off Giancarlo at preschool, get him settled in, then drop off Angelo at Day Care. Yes, all in high heels most days! AHH! Then I have a 50 minute commute to work- my 2nd family.

At work, I strive to make Stew’s a great place to work by providing a fun, friendly, safe, respectful work environment for 300 Team Members. At 4 I head back home. During my ride I spend time on the phone finishing up my work day, talking to friends, or coaching a client with their weight loss. I arrive at 5 to everyone greeting me at the door- tails wagging and arms opened for hugs and kisses! I look forward to this every day! Then it’s time to cook dinner- Pete and I share this task and eat as a family every night. We play, take a walk in the neighborhood on nice days, get lunch made for the next day, bath, books and bed by 8-8:30. I usually knock out at 9pm!

What is your biggest daily struggle? How do you cope with it? My biggest struggle is getting everyone out the door on time in the morning. Things don’t go perfectly every day! Something always happens that puts strain on the schedule- spilled milk, cranky babies, dogs stealing breakfast, early riser, dogs won’t come in, I just remembered that have to clean because the cleaning lady is coming! AH! I try my hardest every night to get everything organized- that way I have extra time in the morning when things go wrong.   I am tired reading this, but know how true it is! And I laughed out loud here, because I clean before the cleaning lady comes as well:) 

What is your secret for finding a healthy balance between all of your responsibilities as a mother? I really enjoy my quiet time in the morning and try get away with friends every once in a while.

What is your least favorite household “chore” and why? I just don’t like putting away laundry! I like washing and folding, but for some reason I don’t like putting it away! Weird.  Not weird at all..I currently have 2 baskets full of folded laundry waiting! 

What is your favorite mommy moment? It just melts my heart when I see Giancarlo and Angelo playing nice and giving hugs to each other. I’m so proud of them and hope that they stay best buds forever.

What is the one thing about your children that worries you and keeps you up at night? I always worry about my kid’s safety and health. I don’t want them to ever be hurt physically or emotionally. I’m so scared of them being bullied or harmed and I’m not there to protect them.

What is your biggest indulgence/thing that you do for yourself?  I go to get my hair done every 3 weeks. My hair needs it, and I love the down time to relax and indulge.

A fun question…..You’re stuck in an airport with a 6 hour delay by yourself with your children, what 3 things would you want to have with you? We need my ipad, a tractor for Giancarlo and a train for Angelo

And lastly….What is one piece of advice that you would pass on to other moms? My friend Ellen gave me this advice when I became a mom…. Whenever my kids want to be picked up- I DO! No matter how nice my clothes are and how dirty their shoes are, no matter how tired or hot I am, or how heavy they are- I will pick them up! Because there will be a day when they don’t want to be carried anymore and I WILL MISS that!!!   Love is so true! I think I follow this one a little too closely….because when both of my kids want to be carried…I listen too!! 


I hope that you enjoyed Rina’s experiences as much as I did! If you are interested as being featured as a MMB “Real Mom”, please email me at


Photo Credit: Kerry Long Photography


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